After Esra misses her train late one evening, a discarded, living Rubik's cube tries tries to get her attention in an attempt to get solved.

The film has started its festival run and will be available online in 2018. If you're interested in screening the movie, please contact us at!

Scrambled started as a side project which quickly grew larger and larger. We used the opportunity to test new ideas for our visual style and technical workflow.


Writer/Director:  Bastiaan Schravendeel
Art Director:  Sander Kamermans
Technical Director:  Jean-Paul Tossings
Production:  Tunde Vollenbroek (Tunde Animation) & Polder Animation
Animation:  Veronyka Jelinek, Quentin Haberham, Bastiaan Schravendeel
Additional Artists:  Bram Vermaas, Fokke Mars, Jan Postema

Composer:  Daniel Polman
Sound Studio:  Bob Kommer Studios
Sound, Foley & Mix:  Jeroen Nadorp, Robin v. d. Heiden
Rail Platform Recording:  Robert Jung

Festival Distribution:  Ursula van den Heuvel (KLIK distribution)

Supported by:  Creative Industries Fund NL

Rubik's Cube used by permission of Seven Towns Ltd.